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An easy to use web based contact tracing solution.

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Due to a Covid-19 outbreak New Zealand saw a swift shift from alert level 1 to 4.

During the brief period New Zealand was in Level 2 in late March 2020, most businesses used a pen-and-paper sign-in sheet to log contacts. However, this raised a number of issues, from the basic hygiene of everyone sharing a pen to more pragmatic concerns like illegible handwriting or the fact that people could write down false information.

The lack of any government support for the contact tracing that hospitality and retail were legally obligated to conduct meant there was a gap for a better and safer method of contact tracing.

Cole, Paul and Aaron saw this as an opportunity to help the community and small businesses during the pandemic. As a business they saw this as a way to reset, refresh and adjust to remote productivity. They decided to give themselves a week (give or take) challenge to create a working contact tracing solution complete with a brand.


Phase One - Brochure site

  • Brochure site
    • Spread awarness
    • Onboarding
    • Knowledge Base
  • Work on an MVP
  • Brand Identity

Phase Two - MLP

  • Business Dashboard
    • Register/Login
    • Add Locations
    • Generate QR codes
  • Customer-facing mobile-friendly site

Phase Three - Testing + Improvements

  • User Testing
  • Print options


  • Level 3-4 work environment adjustments
  • 1-2 week timeline
  • Limited customer support
  • Compliant with Health & Safety and Worksafe
  • Meet Privacy requirements

Roles + Resposibilities


  • Creative Director
  • Product Designer
  • Front-end Developer


  • Back-end Developer
  • Hosting Infrustructure


  • Product Owner
  • Spokesman


Identifying Users

  • Businesses owners to comply with contact tracing obligations.
  • Employees / Contractors
  • Customers / visitors
    • Smartphone users with internet data
    • Families + Groups

User Problems

With contact tracing being a relatively new concept at the time, it really needed to be easy to use and take very little time.

For Businesses :

  • Assured their business would be contact tracing compliant

For Customers :

  • Dependencies such as families with young children and groups
  • Data security anxiety
  • Adding personal details for each location


Problem Statement

Businesses need a simple, efficient and effective contact tracing solution in order to legally operate and meet government requirements.

User Journey



How Might We Statements

  • HMW assure users that their details are safe and secure
  • HMW offer user support and handle requests and questions
  • HMW handle users who forget to sign out
  • HMW cater for families or groups with children and/or dependencies
  • HMW account for different technological literacy levels


General :

  • Encrypted data only accessible via private key holder - Ministry of Health

For Businesses :

  • Basic reporting for businesses to validate customer check in
  • Print previews of the QR code posters
  • Bulk location/code generation

For Customers :

  • Utilise phone camera for scanning. Most smartphones are natively equipped to scan and process QR codes without needing to download any additional app
  • Scan alternative - manually add URL
  • Quick add dependency button / input field
  • Checkbox to remember details and save time for future visits


General :


For Businesses :


For Customers :



Visual Aspects


High Fidelity Mockups

Dashboard :


Customer Facing :



User Testing

Due to the nature of the project, once The PAC Group had a minimal lovable product it was pushed out to the public. Bugs were fixed as they went and the experience was incremently improved taking into account the response from users.

The knowledge base which regularly grew helped the small team stay on top of things.


Duckin first launched the brochure site ( to inform businesses that a simple solution was in the works and how to prepare. Shortly followed, the business login/account with QR code generation and various downloadable poster templates

Uptake was slow as other solutions were popping up, too. However, Duckin had a great response particularly with schools, rural airports and small firms.

After reaching a level where contact tracing wasn't a requirement a law firm shared their love for Duckin and how their customers found it was the best solution they had come across, but hoped to never have to use it again.

Support from partners; GoMedia for digital billboards across the country and Now Open for constant social media engagement helped the spread of the Duckin.

Something overlooked was the unfamiliarity of utilising the native camera app to scan the QR codes. Even though Duckin tried to simplify the process of making an app-less solution, few businesses shared that some of their customers were looking for an app to download.

Custom Integration


The Director of ICT Services, Ivan, at ICC in Sydney made contact with the PAC Group after discovering Duckin in their search for a contact tracing solution for their event centres. He was of the opinion that Duckin was the best solution in terms of interface & usability & commissioned PAC to develop a system to support their VenueShield program.

VenueShield is an initiative set up by ASM Global, the world’s leading venue management and services company.

Although this contact tracing solution for the ICC was a near replica of Duckin there was a custom element that ICC required a kiosk feature option.

Another thing to note was the urgency of the product delivery. Ivan trusted The PAC Group to follow ICC design guidelines and to incorporate the brand identity for the web app without going through the slow and rigoruous process of the ICC dedicated design team.